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8-10 Tucker Street: The Craven Hotel 
The original Craven Hotel stood on the corner of Old Main Road and Stockdale Street, where the DBCM Consolidated Buildings of 1926 now stands. Originally owned by Harry Woodward, he sold the Hotel to WH Craven, a well-known entrepreneur of early Kimberley and later the first Company Secretary of De Beers from 1888 to 1897. He was a partner of Charles Rudd and Cecil Rhodes in various ventures in the 1870s. The Hotel was known affectionately as The Craven Club, and was famous for being the birthplace of the Kimberley Club in 1881, as well the formation of the original SA Rugby Board in 1892. WH Craven died at Las Palmas, USA, on 15 January 1897. 

This is a replica of the original Craven Hotel constructed at the Big Hole in 2006.

It consists of four rooms, all of them have en-suite bathrooms.
Room 1:  R 1250 1 x Queen bed + 2 x ¾ beds,
4 persons sharing 
Room 2:  R   850 1 x Queen bed,
2 persons sharing 
All rooms are air-conditioned and fitted with DSTV, free Wi-Fi, towels, bedding and a kettle with complimentary tea and coffee.
Room 4:  R 1250 1 x Queen bed + 2 x ¾ beds, 4 persons sharing 
Room 3:  R   850 1 x Queen bed , 2 persons sharing 
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